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About On-Site RX

How much is prescription coverage costing your company? If these costs are putting a serious strain on your budget, consider shortening the supply chain with help from On-Site Rx. We provide full-service, on-site pharmacies to large employers (with a concentrated population of over 1,000 employees) seeking to reduce their prescription drug spend while simultaneously enriching their group health benefit. We also offer design, implementation, and ongoing pharmacy management services, as well as consultation on related prescription benefit and wellness/disease management activity. In addition to member and plan savings and member convenience, the on-site pharmacy serves as a key portal to the wellness initiatives of the plan.

Through design, implementation, and ongoing pharmacy management services, we serve as a caring and responsible partner to your human resources and health benefits consulting team.

See What Our Customers Have to Say About Us

“I appreciate the County providing this service to employees. I trust the pharmacist (Rachael) to take care of me and she must be a good manager because it is always a peaceful, safe, calm environment to enter.”

Tampa, FL

“GREAT PEOPLE. Professional, courteous, go out of their way to make sure my needs are completely cared for. WONDERFUL people.”

Tampa, FL

“Everybody is always nice. The pharmacist is always there to answer my questions.”

Tampa, FL

A Prescription to Demystify

Enhancing Benefits, Lowering Costs

We recognize that our customers are the heroes of their stories. Our role is to guide them through a complex and convoluted system of drug purchasing. Our customer-centric approach—coupled with substantial savings—has helped us maintain a 100% customer retention rate since our founding in 2008.

Why Choose On-Site Rx?

A Dose of Caring for the Workplace

Pharmacists play an important role for people with chronic diseases (diabetes, asthma, hypertension)—specifically with compliance through education and On-Site Rx pharmacies—with savings.

Convenience, Service, Savings

Large employers whose employees share a geographic location may benefit from having their own on-site or near-site pharmacy.

Saving Money for Employers & Employees

Self-funded employers save by shortening the supply chain while employees see significant decrease in copays.


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Our Core Values

Shortening the Supply Chain for Savings
Our Resources, People & Talents
Working to Enrich Our Lives, the Lives of our Families & Our Loved Ones
Not Wasting or Tolerating Wasteful Behavior
Keeping You Informed

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our approach and how your business could adapt to our services? Before you contact us, click below to view some frequently asked questions and insightful answers.