Hall County Government pharmacy sees highest savings during first quarter

The Hall County Government Family Health Center pharmacy saved users and taxpayers nearly half a million dollars during the first quarter of 2017, representing the largest amount of savings during a three-month period since the pharmacy opened its doors two years ago.

According to Hall County Human Resources Director Bill Moats, from January through March of this year, Hall County Government insurance members saw gross savings of approximately $190,505 by utilizing the pharmacy at the Hall County Government Family Health Center. Meanwhile, the gross savings to Hall County’s insurance plan totaled $284,519 during that same time period, putting the pharmacy’s total gross savings at $475,024 for the first quarter of the year.

“We continue to be encouraged by the significant savings the pharmacy and clinic have provided for the County,” Moats said. “In addition, employees are taking advantage of the facility and are seeing no-cost doctor visits, improved appointment availability, lower prescription costs and are implementing healthier lifestyles overall.”

So far this year, 3,305 patients have visited the HCG Family Health Center clinic, putting the clinic on track to exceed 2016’s numbers, which outpaced the visits in 2015 by 44 percent. Moats said a number of patients seen at the clinic have averted serious health complications because their symptoms were diagnosed and treated early, which translates into additional savings that are somewhat difficult to quantify.

“Because patients are seen for free at the clinic and seen sooner than they might be seen by a private doctor, we’re seeing them come in before a cold turns into a sinus infection or before an inflamed appendix ruptures,” he said. “It’s a savings of time and productivity for our workforce, which translates into a direct savings to taxpayers.”

The Hall County Government Family Health Center, located on Old Cornelia Highway in Gainesville, serves Hall County Government employees, their dependents and retirees who are covered under the county’s medical insurance plan.