On-Site RX to Open Employee Pharmacy for Suffolk Public Schools

Suffolk, Virginia (February 9, 2023) – The Suffolk Public Schools Board voted to open a pharmacy to serve the employees and dependents on the health plan of Suffolk Public Schools. The pharmacy, which will be operated by On-Site Rx, is set to open its doors early August 2023. After an RFP in late 2022, Suffolk Public Schools selected On-Site Rx based on their extensive history with other public sector entities, including two other local school districts who’ve done the same.
The pharmacy will be conveniently located in the Suffolk Public Schools Operations Center and be staffed with pharmacists and pharmacy technicians from the local community. The pharmacy will provide brand, generic and some specialty medications available by prescription, as well as over-the-counter medication. All medications will be provided at a substantial discount thanks to access to a wholesale level agreement.

The pharmacy will be available to all employees who are covered on the Suffolk Public Schools insurance plan – and will include their dependents on the plan as well. The pharmacy will provide caring, high-touch service with discreet and private transactions ensuring HIPAA compliance.

According to Dan Doebler, President of On-Site RX, “This model has been used with other public sector employers for over fourteen years and provides a proven way to reduce prescription drug costs while enhancing the quality of the employee benefit. Year after year, so many of our patients say it’s the best thing their employer has ever done for them.” Suffolk Public Schools, Director of Purchasing, Anthony Hinds stated, “On-Site Rx will provide Suffolk Public Schools with an opportunity to keep providing a tremendous benefit to our employees and help us attract and retain the very best staff in the area.”

About On-Site RX
Recognized as the leader in employer provided pharmacy services, On-Site RX provides full-service, on-site pharmacies to large employers (>1,200 geographically concentrated employees). Their business model has pioneered a unique and effective way to reduce employers’ and employees’ prescription drug costs while simultaneously enriching the group benefit enjoyed by members on the health plan. On-Site RX provides design, implementation, and ongoing pharmacy management to its clients along with consultation on related prescription benefit and wellness/ disease management activity. In addition to savings and convenience, the on-site pharmacy serves as a key portal to the wellness initiatives of the employer and their health plan.