Myth vs. Reality: Addressing Common Concerns About On-Site Pharmacies

Myth vs. Reality: Addressing Common Concerns About On-Site Pharmacies

An on-site pharmacy in the workplace offers many potential benefits for both employers and their employees. Most notably, the “closed shop” nature allows for a more intimate and customer friendly level of service while lowering the costs. This high-touch/low-cost service increases the likelihood that employees will fill prescriptions and take their medications regularly.

Additionally, an on-site pharmacy can provide personalized wellness services, such as health screenings, risk assessments, vaccinations, and chronic medical condition management, fostering a healthier workforce and reducing overall healthcare costs.

Despite these benefits, however, some employers may still hesitate to establish an on-site pharmacy due to a variety of misconceptions widely held by both employers and employees. Here are five common myths along with the corresponding realities:

1. Limited Selection

Myth: On-site pharmacies have a limited selection of medications, which can potentially lead to delays or inconvenience in obtaining prescribed drugs.

Reality: While many workplace pharmacies have limited selection, On-Site Rx pharmacies keep all the medications available to other pharmacies in the community. Additionally, our pharmacists can quickly order medications not currently in stock and typically have them available the next day.

2. Pricing and Affordability

Myth: Because their convenience and personalized services come at a cost, on-site pharmacies are more expensive than traditional pharmacies, which can make some necessary medications unaffordable.

Reality: On-Site Rx pharmacies offer medications at wholesale level costs—meaning their prices are almost always lower than those in retail and mail order settings—and always with lower copays for patients. On-Site Rx pharmacies also provide valuable information about available coupons and copay assistance programs to help employees and their families manage the costs of their prescription drugs.

3. Privacy and Confidentiality

Myth: Because on-site pharmacies often operate in small or shared spaces, they cannot ensure the privacy and confidentiality of patient information.

Reality: On-site pharmacies are subject to the same privacy regulations and standards as external pharmacies, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). On-Site Rx safeguards all patient information—including prescription records, medical history, and personal details—from unauthorized access or disclosure. Most on-site pharmacies have strict protocols in place to protect patient data, including secure storage of records, limited access to patient information, and staff training on privacy practices.

4. Family Members

Myth: On-site pharmacies can only serve employees.

Reality: All members of the employer’s health plan—including employees and their covered family members—are eligible to use the on-site pharmacy for prescription medications, over-the-counter products, and convenience items.

5. Quality of Service

Myth: On-site pharmacies are poorly staffed to save money.

Reality: On-Site Rx employs qualified pharmacists and technicians with a proven background for exceptional customer care. We provide ongoing training for their staff and implement quality assurance measures to ensure our patients receive the best care possible.

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