A Prescription for Success: How On-Site Pharmacies Are Redefining Corporate Health & Wellness Initiatives

A Prescription for Success: How On-Site Pharmacies Are Redefining Corporate Health & Wellness Initiatives

Workplace wellness programs can be effective for not only keeping employees healthy, but also reassuring them that their employer has their best interests in mind. And while there is plenty that any company can do to implement effective health and wellness programs, an on-site pharmacy can take them to the next level. These pharmacies make it even easier and more convenient for employees to get the basic health care services they need, bringing everything directly to the workplace and eliminating another commute. This, in turn, can redefine corporate health and wellness initiatives for organizations willing to make the move.

Enhancing Workplace Health Programs

Here’s a look at several workplace wellness programs and initiatives that can be improved with the addition of an on-site pharmacy:

Health Screenings & Risk Assessments

Although many employees’ health insurance policies include annual physicals, not everyone takes advantage of that on a regular basis. But an on-site pharmacy can help change that by offering a convenient setting for employees to undergo health screenings. Who wouldn’t be happier knowing they won’t have to take a half or full day off to spend most of their time in a waiting room?

Health Coaching

Many people see greater benefits from hiring coaches to assist with their goals than when they choose to go it alone. Some organizations connect their employees with professional health coaching for specific wellness initiatives, and having an on-site pharmacy can make it easier to make these connections. For example, hosting a special screening event can help employees identify an area where they need to make a lifestyle change, and when they’re already in the workplace, it can spur them to take action and get a coach sooner.

Annual Vaccinations

Want to help cut back on the amount of sick days your employees have to take? On-site pharmacies make it simple for them to get their flu shots and other necessary vaccinations. All they’ll need is enough time for a quick break to get their shot, and they’ll be happy to not have to schedule an appointment at a drug store and wait in line before or after work.

Wellness Incentives

Giving employees perks for hitting wellness goals is an excellent motivational tool. Enabling them to access the resources and treatments they need to succeed, all without leaving the workplace, helps them help themselves. While employers shouldn’t look at the on-site pharmacy as a guaranteed way to keep all employees engaged with their incentive programs indefinitely, it can be an important cog in the machine, so to speak.

Interested in Opening an On-Site Pharmacy?

If you’ve been considering opening an on-site pharmacy to benefit your employees and enhance your company’s wellness initiatives, you can trust On-Site Rx to make it easy for you. Since 2008, we’ve worked with large employers throughout the Eastern and Central time zones to implement and operate full-service pharmacies on their campuses.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our unique model, and how our services can help your company give your health and wellness initiatives a considerable boost.