Beyond the Prescription: How On-Site Pharmacies Are Enhancing Employee Engagement & Satisfaction

Beyond the Prescription: How On-Site Pharmacies Are Enhancing Employee Engagement & Satisfaction

The most obvious benefit of having an on-site pharmacy at the workplace is the convenience it affords employees. Eliminating time-consuming commutes, in-store wait times, and inconvenient scheduling just to get the basic health care they need can be a game-changer for them. But beyond saving precious time for people, on-site pharmacies are also great for keeping employees engaged and satisfied in the workplace itself.

Healthcare & Employee Satisfaction

The more a company contributes to its employees’ health and wellness initiatives, the more likely they are to increase productivity within the workplace. Adding an on-site pharmacy can help employers improve:


Healthy employees are often happy employees, and happy employees often perform their duties well. And these days, in a world and workforce changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, eliminating employees’ concerns about having access to basic health care services is as important to their happiness as ever.


Easier access to health screenings and risk assessments, prescription pickups, and other core health care services help employees stay healthy. And the more employees are able to do to be proactive about their health, the fewer sick days they’ll have to take.

Wellness Program Participation

Many companies are great at creating effective health and wellness incentives and programs for their employees. Those struggling in this area can potentially turn that around by bringing one of the most important components—the pharmacy—directly to the workplace. This makes it much easier to host well-attended special events, such as screenings, informational sessions, and more.


According to the National Library of Medicine, on-site pharmacies have been proven to improve employees’ self-efficacy (in addition to productivity and morale). And with increased confidence in their ability to achieve their goals, employees will be more motivated to succeed in the workplace.  

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